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Rider, Sharon

Sharon Rider
Professor of Logic and Metafysics

Department of Philosophy
Uppsala University
Box 627
751 26 Uppsala

Room: Eng2-3058
Phone: +46 (0)18 471 73 69
Fax: +46 (0)18 471 73 70
E-mail: sharon.rider@filosofi.uu.se

Downloadable CV

I studied in the United States (Penn State), Sweden (Uppsala), and Belgium (Université catholique de Louvain). My main interest is in nineteenth and twentieth century European thought. Most recently, I have focused on social philosophy and the philosophy of education, inspired largely by my readings in the history of philosophy.

Education, Degrees and Titles

- Professor, Uppsala University, 2012

- Associate Professor (Docent), 2005

- Ph.D. (FD) in Theoretical Philosophy, 1999

- Ph.D. program in the History of Philosophy, Penn State University, 1985-1989.

- Guest Researcher (Fulbright), Université catholique de Louvain, Belgium (1987-1988)

- B.A., State University of New York, Purchase College, 1984.


I have taught courses at the undergraduate, advanced and postgraduate levels in a variety of subjects in the history of philosophy, phenomenology, hermeneutics, pragmatism, modern French philosophy, philosophy of mind, the philosophy of language, social philosophy, the philosophy of education, etc. I have held numerous courses in epistemology and the theory of science, both at the department of philosophy and at other departments and programs (Ph.D. programs at Örebro University, the School of Medicine, Uppsala University and the Swedish Agricultural University, Ultuna, among others). I have also taught courses at Penn State University, Åbo Academy and Turku University. In most cases, I have been responsible for course design, implementation and assessment. 2007- 2009, I ran the masters’ seminar in theoretical philosophy. Since 2007, I run the postgraduate research seminar in the philosophy of language and culture (högre seminarium i språk- och kulturfilosofi).

Research Projects (Project Leader)

Vad ska en svensk kunna? (What should a Swede know?), VR 2014-2016 (6,4 milj sek)

Evaluating Education: Normative Systems and Institutional Practices, National Bank of Sweden Centenary Fund (RJ), 2013. (200 000 sek)

Critical Reflections on “Critical Thinking”, 2006. E.O. Burman Foundation. Individual project (165 000 sek)

What is a language disorder?,  2000. Knut och Alice Wallenberg Foundation (Knut och Alice Wallenbergs stiftelse) Postdoctoral Research Grant.  Individual Project (200 000 sek)

Empoyment in Research Projects

Researcher/Research Coordinator, Center for Science and Technology Studies, Uppsala University, 2005-2010, financed by the Vice-Chancellor’s Strategic Funds

Researcher/Research Program Coordinator, SAUNA Program in the Humanities and Social Sciences – Cultural Criticism and Contemporary Society: Conceptions of Normality (January 2003 – 2006), financed by the Vice-Chancellor’s Strategic Funds

Researcher/Research Coordinator, ELSA Program (National Research Program – Ethical, Legal and Social Aspects of Genome and Gene Technology Research), funded by Stiftelsen för strategisk forskning (the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research, 1999-2004, 24 milj sek). Uppsala University, Dept. of Public Health, School of Medicine. Project leader: Mats Hansson

Researcher in the interdisciplinary project Språk och mänskligt handlande (Language and Human Action), funded by Riksbankens jubileumsfond (the National Bank of Sweden’s Tercentenary Fund, 1995 - 1998). Project Leader: Sven Öhman

Organization of Conferences (selection)

Organizer of international conference on the theme Values, Evaluation and the Idea of a University, Uppsala, 26-28 May 2014. . Funded by a grant from the National Bank of Sweden Tercentenary Fund (RJ).

Co-organizer (with Malena Ingemansson, Alexandra Waluszewski and Ylva Hasselberg) ,4th National STS Conference, Uppsala 19-20 November, 2009.

The Breakdown of Scientific Thought (with Ylva Hasselberg and Sverker Gustavsson), international symposium on science policy at Uppsala University, 2 December, 2008. Funded by the Uppsala University Center for Science and Technology Studies and Quo Vadis?

Synen på kunskap och kvalitet inom universitet (with Ylva Hasselberg and Anders Jörnesten), interdisciplinary conference at Uppsala University, 15 May 2007.  Funded by Uppsala University Center for Science and Technology Studies and Quo Vadis?.

Filosofihistoriens idé (with Mats Persson), national interdisciplinary symposium held at Uppsala University, 9-10 December 2005. Funded by Uppsala University and the Swedish History of Science Society.

Den moderna ensamheten (with Maria Karlssson), national interdisciplinary conference held at Uppsala university, 12 November 2004. Funded by a grant from the National Bank of Sweden Tercentenary Fund (RJ).

Making a difference (25 - 28 September 2003, international  conference on the current state of the humanities, held at Uppsala University and Svenska filminstitutet. Funded by a grant from the Swedish Research Council (VR).

Service, Administration and Commissions

Faculty Representative, Disciplinary Domain of Humanities and Social Sciences (områdesnämnd), 2014-2016

Board of Faculty of Arts, Uppsala University (fakultetsnämnd): 2005-2014

- Acting Dean, spring term 2014

- Vice Dean, 2008-2014

- Deputy Chariman, Faculty Recruitment and Promotions Committee, 2008-2014

- Faculty Committee for Equal Opportunity, 2008-present (Chair, 2011-2012)

Vice-Chancellor’s Quality Advisory Council, Uppsala University, 2013-2015

Deputy Chairman, Dept. of Philosophy, Uppsala University (2011- present)

Recruitment committee for the election of vice-chancellor of Uppsala University, 2011

Deputy Director, Forum for Advanced Studies in Arts, Languages and Theology (SALT), 2007-2008

Director of Research, “Philosophy and Sociology of Science”, Center for Science and Technology Studies (STS), Uppsala University (1 January 2005 – 2013)

Steering Committee, Uppsala Forum for Peace, Democracy and Justice, 2009-present

Organizing Group (Uppsala), Nordic Wittgenstein Society, 2009-2012

Program Committee for Engineering Undergraduate Program Technical Systems (Programråd tekniska system), Uppsala University, 2006-2008

Selected Publications in English

Single-Author Books
Avoiding the Subject: A Critical Inquiry into Contemporary Theories of Subjectivity (Library of Theoria, 1998)

Edited Books
Series Editor (with Michael Peters)

Evaluating Education: Normative Systems and Institutional Practices, Springer

Transformations in Research, Higher Education and the Academic Market: The Breakdown of Scientific Thought, eds. Sharon Rider, Ylva Hasselberg, Alexandra Waluszewski, Springer 2013

The Idea of the History of Philosophy, guest editor (with Mats Persson), special volume of Lychnos. Swedish Yearbook for the History of Science and Ideas (2006).

Editor, ELSA activities in Sweden: Report on Research Concerning Ethical, Legal and Social Aspects of Genome Research, Uppsala, 2000

Journal Articles and Chapters in Books
“Crowding out knowledge” (with Alexandra Waluszewski), in Global Financial Crisis and the Restructuring of Education, ed. Michael Peters, Peter Lang 2015 (forthcoming).

“The Meaning of Higher Education: Vocation of Man or Vocational Training?", in The Humboldtian Tradition, eds. Thomas Karlsohn, Peter Josephson & Johan Östling, (Brill, 2014)

‘In Response to Four Contexts for Philosophy of Education and its Relation to Economic Policy: Three Ideal Types’, in Education, Philosophy and Political Economy, special issue of Knowledge Cultures (Vol 2/2, 2014)

"Higher Heteronomy: Thinking Through Higher Education", in Transformations in Research, Higher Education and the Academic Market: The Breakdown of Scientific Thought, eds. Sharon Rider, Ylva Hasselberg & Alexandra Waluszewski (Springer, 2013)

 “Philosophy, Globalization and the Future of the University: A Conversation between Sharon Rider and Michael A. Peters”, Review of Contemporary Philosophy, Volume 12, 2013

”Objectivity in the Human Sciences”, in Encyclopedia of Sciences and Religions (eds. Anne Runehov& Lluis Oviedo), Springer (Dordrecht 2012)

  “On Relativism and Relativity in the Human Sciences”, in Making a Difference: Humanism and the Humanities (eds. Susanne Jansson & Niklas Forsberg), Thales 2011.

”What is the state of critique today?”, in Eurozine, 2011 http://www.eurozine.com/articles/2011-10-12-johansson-en.html

“The Future of the European University: Liberal Democracy or Authoritarian Capitalism?” in Culture Unbound: Journal of Current Cultural Research Vol. 1, 2009

“Science Machines Making Futures” (with Richard Langlais), in Use of Science and Technology in Business: Exploring the Impact of Using Activity for Systems, Innovations and People (eds. E. Baraldi, H. Håkansson, F.  Prenkert, A. Walusewski), Emerald Publishers (Bingley, UK 2009)

“On Philosophical Style (and Substance)”, i Tankar: Tillägnade Sören Stenlund

(Sharon Rider, Niklas Forsberg & Pär Segerdahl), Uppsala Philosophical Studies 54, 2008.

”Innovation’s Debt”, in Research Europe, 13 November 2008

”Ivory Trade”, in Research Europe, 4 September 2008

“Reflections on the Discipline of Philosophy and its History”, in Lychnos. Swedish Yearbook for the History of Ideas, 2006

“Where My Spade Turns: On Philosophy, Nihilism and the Ordinary”, in The Recovery of Being: Philosophy, and Ordinary Experience (ed. Nalin Ranasinghe), St. Augustine’s Press (Chicago 2005)

On Explaining Ourselves (Scientifically): The Case of Language”, in Lychnos. Swedish Yearbook for the History of Ideas, 2004

 “How Ordinary is Ordinary Experience? Language in Feminist Epistemology and Philosophy of Science”, in The Practice of Language (eds. Martin Gustafsson & Lars Hertzberg), Kluwer, Dordrecht , 2002

 ”Transcendental Subjectivity and the Phenomenological I”, in Identity: Questioning the Logic of Identity in Educational Theory, (Carl Anders Säfström & Leig Östman), Studentlitteratur, Lund, 1999  

”Feminism as a Method of Reading”, in Culture and Value: Philosophy and the Cultural Sciences, The Austrian Ludwig Wittgenstein Society, Kirchberg am Wechsel, 1995

”Mythos and Logos in Plato’s Philebus”, in Philosophical Crumbs, (ed. Rysiek Sliwinski), Uppsala Philosophical Studies 49, 1999.

”Movement and the Peculiarity of Being in Aristotle”, in Vidgade Perspektiv: Meditationer över diverse filosofihistoriska ämnen, (ed. Henrik Lagerlund), Uppsala Philosophical Studies 47, 1998

Selected Publications in Swedish

Edited Books
Tankar, editor (with Niklas Forsberg and Pär Segerdahl), Uppsala Philosophical Studies 54, 2008

Reclaim the Science! Om vetenskapens avakademisering , editor (with Anders Jörnesten) Gidlunds förlag, 2007

Den moderna ensamheten , editor (with Maria Karlsson), Brutus Östlings Bokförlag Symposion, 2006

Kollegialitet i koncentrat (with Shirin Ahlbäck Öberg and Elin Sundberg) for Arbetsgruppen för utveckling av kollegiala styrformer Vetenskapsområdet för humaniora och samhällsvetenskap, Uppsala universitet: http://katalog.uu.se/digitalAssets/310/310491_1kollegialitet_i_koncentrat2014.pdf

Journal Articles and Chapters in Books (selection)
“Har filosofin någon framtid? Ett anspråkslöst förslag” i  Till vilken nytta?  En bok om humanioras möjligheter (red. T. Karlsohn &  Thomas Forser), Daidalos 2013

“Högskolan bolognese: Otidsenliga betraktelser över den högre utbildningens mål och mening”, (red. Thorbjörn Friberg & Daniel Ankarloo) in Den högre utbildningen—ett fält mellan marknaden och politik , Gidlunds 2012.

”Tro, den yttre världen och filosoferna”, in Motståndets möjligheter. Filosofiska repliker till Eberhard Herrmann (red. Lena Edlund, Karin & Michael Stenmark), Bokförlaget Artos 2011.

“Kritikens läge”, interview section, special issue on ideology critique, in Fronesis 36/11. English version in Eurozine, 12 October 2011

”Principer och värderingar i humanvetenskaperna”, in Horisont, vol 3/2009

”Kamratskap, enskildhet och det etiska subjektet”, in Hjärnstorm vol. 99/2009

”Elfenbenshandel: Om europeisk forskningspolitik”, i Ikaros,  Tidskrift om människan och vetenskap, Nr 4/20.11.2008 (reprinted in I vetenskapens sken, red. Henrik Serup Christensen, Folkets bildningsförbund, Finland 2009),

 “Kön och karaktär. Några reflektioner om vetenskap”, in Ikaros , Tidskrift om människan och vetenskap, Nr 2/20.04.2008

”Nyttan av den akademiska friheten”, in Kulturella perspektiv nr 2, 2008

”Om medel och mål i humanvetenskaperna”, in Reclaim the science! Om vetenskapens avakademisering (red. Sharon Rider & Anders Jörnesten),  Gidlunds 2007

 “Den tveksamme bekännaren. Tänkaren, ansvaret och traditionen” in Den moderna ensamheten, Symposion 2006

”Förnuftets tillfredställelser. Några reflektioner kring Kants transcendentala metod", Glänta 4/99

Dissertation Supervision

Head supervisor of dissertation at the Dept. of Philosophy, Uppsala University: Elinor Hållén, “A Different Kind of Ignorance: Self-Deception as Flight from Self-Knowledge”, defended 14  May 2011.

Co-supervisor of dissertation, Dept. of Philosophy, Uppsala University: Anders Öberg, “Hilary Putnam and the Philosophy of Mathematics”, defended 3 December, 2011.

Co-supervisor of dissertation at the Dept. of Philosophy, Uppsala University: Niklas Forsberg, “Philosophy, Literature and the Inheritance of Language”, defended 4 December 2004.

Head supervisor of dissertation in progress at the Dept. of Philosophy, Uppsala University & Södertörn University College: Björn Sjöstrand, “Derrida och teknikfrågan”, to be defended 2015.

Head supervisor of dissertation in progress at the Dept. of Philosophy, Uppsala University & Södertörn University College: Lovisa Håkansson, “Fenomenologi och litteratur. Merleau-Ponty och språkets kroppslighet”, to be defended 2015.

Head supervisor of dissertation in progress at the Dept. of Philosophy, Uppsala University: Erik Jansson Boström: “Samhällsvetenskapernas filosofiska förutsättningar”, to be defended 2016.

Head supervisor of dissertation in progress at the Dept. of Philosophy, Uppsala University: Johan Gustafsson: “Experience and Objectivity”, to be defended 2016.

Head supervisor of dissertation in progress at the Dept. of Philosophy, Uppsala University: Karl Bergman), to be defended 2018.

Head supervisor of dissertation in progress at the Dept. of Philosophy, Uppsala University: Matts Edin, “R.G. Collingwood’s Philosophy of History”, to be defended 2018.

Editorial Boards and Peer Review

Editorial Boards
Series Editor (with Michael Peters)

- Evaluating Education: Normative Systems and Institutional Practices, Springer

Consulting Editor:

- Encyclopaedia of Educational Philosophy and Theory

Referee and Peer Review
- Nordic Wittgenstein Review

- Swedish Research Council (VR)

- European Research Council

- Swedish Foundation for International Cooperation in Research and Higher Education (STINT)

- KK-Stiftelsen (Swedish Knowledge Foundation)

- Södertörn University Press

- Tromsö University (appointment)

- Södertörn University College (promotion)


Newspaper Interviews, Radio and television appearances , etc. (selection)
- National Bank of Sweden Centenary Fund (RJ) Website, guest blog:  “Fel sorts kollegialitet blir problematisk”

- Interviewed by Sofia Stridsman, “Behövs det bildning?”,  in Skolvärlden, 26 August 2014

- Interviewed by Marielouise Samuelsson for Universitetsläraren (7/14): “Ett organiserat försvar för professionalism”

- Interview for TV series on Swedish Public Television (SVT1) Lärandets historia: i) Vad är kunskap? (What is knowledge?) 20 November 2013; Vad är bildning? (What is Bildung?) (27 November 2013; Vad är skolans roll i samhället? (What is the roll of the school in society?) 11 December 2013; Varför betyg? (Why grades?) 18 December 2013.

- Interviewed by Jonas Elvander, in Uppsala Nya Tidning: (“Näringslivstänk intar även universitetet” (24-05-2013) and in Dagens Nyheter (“Så styr vinsttänkande även inom högskolan”, 2013-06-03)

- Radiointervju, Swedish Public Radio (P1), ”Vetandets Värld”: 29 March 2010, Tema amatörforskning

- Radiointervju, Radio Uppland (P4): ”Mindre frihet, inte mer”, om regeringspropositionen ”En akademi i tiden”, 16 March 2010

- Interviewed by Sverker Lennäs, 9 June 2009, Dagens Nyheter: ”Uträknad Humaniora”

- Interview, ”Självständiga lärosäten– vad innebär det för universitetet?”, i Universen, #3, april-10- årg 41

- Radio Panel Discussion, Swedish Public Radio (P1), ”Filosofiska Rummet”:

8 February 2009: “Vad är jaget?;
September 2001: "Bör vi leka gud? Om dem nya genteknologierna;
April 1999: "Judisk filosofi";
Sept. 1998: ”Den andra”;
March 1998: ”Nietzsche”;
Feb. 1997: ”Vad är filosofins uppgift idag?”  

- Interviewed by Per-Olof Elliasson, Universitetsläraren (SULF) 3/08 (pp.12-14).

- Radio presentation (1 January 2008) and interview (12 March 2008), in the OBS! series on National Public Radio (Sveriges Radio, P1), “Kunskapsfabriken”.

- Interview, ”Living Room”, SVT, 26 April 2006

- Interview and chapter in Michael Nyhaga & Albin Axen, Man kan inte vara skeptiker när det gäller sanning : fem svenska filosofer, Symposion (Stockholm 2004).

- "Working with Light". Accompanying text for installation, Tre gånger tio upphöjt i åtta meter per sekund,  by Andreas Brännlund at Museum Gustavianum, under the auspices of Artemis: Art and Science in a Creative Union, Uppsala, 11 August – 14 October, 2001.

Public Lectures & Debate (selection)

Invited Panel Speaker, “Hur påverkar marknadiseringen och nya offentliga styrningsmetoder utbildningen?”, Arbetarrörelsens forskarnätverk, Runö, 4 April 2014

Invited lecture, Södertörn University College: “Professional Judgement in a Broader Perspective”, 20 November 2013

Guest moderator, annual fall meeting of the International Society for Psychological and Social Approaches to Psychosis (ISPS): “Evidence in Practice: Tensions between Research and Clinical Practice”, with Per Magnus Johansson and Nina Renqvist (SBU), Stockholm, 18 October 2013.

Jagets ödelandskap. Om subjektivitet, objektivitet och det försvunna omdömet. 10 September 2013. Invited lecture, Filosofiscenen, Folkets Hus, Göteborg.

Panel Debate, Uppsala County’s Council for Public Education (Uppsala Läns Bildningsförbund) : “Tid för bildning?” 29 januari 2013.

Panel Debate, Almedalsveckan: Anställningsbarhet eller bildning – finns en motsättning?, Visby 4 June 2012

Debate, “Kan "nytta" göra nytta? Humanister diskuterar”, organized by ABF. Gothenburg, 22 February 2012.

Panel Discussion, “Managementsideal hotar kulturens och forskningens frihet”, organized by Nationella Dramaturgiatet, Teater Halland and Stockholms Stadsbibliotek. 13 February 2012, Stockholm.

Invited lecture, “The Concept of Knowledge Then and Now – Knowledge, Nurture, Education”, national conference on policy and practice in higher education and research, arranged by Swedish National Broadcasting, Radiohuset, Stockholm, 23 November 2011.

Panel Discussion, “Kritikens läge”, organized by Fronesis and ABF, Konsthall C, Stockholm, 29 September 2011

Commentator in panel discussion at the national conference, “Humanisterna och framtidssamhället”, Kulturhuset, Stockholm, 24 March 2011. Program series on Swedish television (UR Samtiden).

Invited Lecture, “Vad har universitetet för makt och ansvar? Om universitets uppdrag”, Swedish Academy of  Pharmaceutical Sciences, 10 November 2010, Stockholm

Debate on the future of the humanities, organized by the Student Union, Student Radio , Uppsala University and DIK, with official representatives for the University, the Swedish Research Council (VR), the National Agency for Higher Education (HSV), the Moderate Party, the Social Democratic Party, etc. 20 September 2010

Invited presentation and panel discussion on the theme, ”Vetenskapens roll i politiken och politikens roll i vetenskap”, at the Green Party’s National Convention (Miljöpartiets rikskongress), Uppsala 15 May, 2010

”När utbildning blir handelsvara”, intvited lecture at the conference ”Tre år med Bologna. Nationell studievägsledarkonferens”, Uppsala, 19 May 2010.

Panel discussion "Var får vi humanister plats?", at the symposium ”Vad händer sen? En branschdag för humanister”, organized by the Faculty of Arts Advisory Board (Historisk-filosofiska fakultetsrådet --HFFR), Uppsala University, 23 March 2010

Panel discussion: “Mänskliga rättigheter - vilken är grunden?" Kulturhuset, organized by PEN. Stockholm, 2 november, 2009.

Panel, lecture and discussion, “Akademisk frihet och samverkan?”, Institutionen för matematik, natur- och datorvetenskap samt institution för humaniora och samhällsvetenskap, Högskolan I Gävle, 10 February, 2009

Moderator, panel debate with Steve Fuller:  The Limits of Academic Freedom, Uppsala University, 2 April 2008

Invited Lecture, ”Interdisciplinarity: A Problem”, national symposium ”Focus on Soils”, 12 November 2007, Swedish Agricultural University (Ultuna).

Invited Lecture, Folkets bildningsförbund, Korpo filosofidagar, ”Ansvar och tradition”, 27 July 2007, Korpo, Finland

Invited Lecture, SIDA, Division for Research Collaboration: ” Tvärvetenskap och svenskt forskningssamarbete med låginkomstländer”, Stockholm 18 April 2007

Panel Debate at the Swedish Academy, Stockholm: "Is there such a thing as artistic quality?" March 2001.

“Postmodernism at the End of the Millenium”, ABF Filosofi Café in Upplands Väsby, April 1999; ABF Filosofi Café in Jakobsberg, January 2000.

”Förnuftets tillfredställelser. Några reflektioner kring Kants transcendentala metod", lecture at Atalante Philosophy Bar, Gothenburg. Published in Glänta 4/99 (1999)

"Finns Älvor?," lecture on Wittgenstein's philosophy, held at the Forum Center for Contemporary Culture, Stockholm, December 1999.