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Rider, Sharon


Sharon Rider
Filosofiska institutionen,
Uppsala Universitet
Box 627
751 26 Uppsala

Rum: 2-3058

telefon: 018-471 73 69
telefax: 018-471 73 70

e-post: sharon.rider@filosofi.uu.se

Professor Sharon Rider
Dept. of philosophy,
Uppsala University



I studied in the United States (Penn State), Sweden (Uppsala), and Belgium (Université catholique de Louvain). I have taught in the US, Sweden and Finland. My interests include ancient Greek philosophy (Plato and Aristotle), the Enlightenment (Kant and Rousseau), modern German social thought (Marx, Nietzche, Freud and Weber), contemporary French philosophy (especially Derrida and Foucault), American Pragmatism (Dewey, Peirce, Rorty) and Wittgenstein.But I have also taught courses and written on the philosophy of science , philosophy of language, philosophy of mind, and phenomenology. Most recently, I have focused on the philosophy of social science and the philosophy of education, inspired largely by my readings in the history of philosophy. CV here.