Previous Elective Courses

Spring 2020

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C and Master Level

Elective Courses Autumn 2014-Spring 2018

Courses Levels A-C

Please also see Master Courses, many of these were also open to students at C level.


Practical Philosophy

  • Beslutsteori (C)
  • Egalitarianism (C)
  • Ethics and Non-Human Animals (B)
  • The Ethics of Affluence (B)
  • Formell axiologi (B and C)
  • Jämlikhet och libertarianism (B and C)
  • Life and Death in Medical Ethics (C)
  • Metafysik (A)
  • Personlig identitet (C)
  • Philosophy of Law (B and C)
  • Plato’s Ethics (C)
  • Politisk filosofi (A)
  • Den politiska filosofins historia (B and C)
  • Population Ethics (B and C)
  • Utilitarianism (C)

Theoretical Philosophy

Master Courses

Courses with an asterisk were open for students at C level. Please also see Courses Levels A-C, many of these were also open to students at master level.


Practical and Theoretical Philosophy

Other Courses