Irene Martínez Marín: "Aesthetic Akrasia and Agency"

The Higher Seminar in Aesthetics

Irene Martínez Marín, Uppsala University: "Aesthetic Akrasia and Agency"

In this paper, I argue for the need in aesthetics to develop a rational requirement able to impose coherence amongst our appreciative mental states. I show how two of the main theories of aesthetic appreciation on offer: appreciation-as-liking (Gorodeisky and Marcus 2028) & appreciation-as-sizing-up value (Carroll 2016) fail to provide us with such requirement by overlooking or dismissing the phenomenon of aesthetic akrasia. In failing to do so, I argue that they cannot properly account for the idea that aesthetics is concerned with agency. I end by showing how a coherence requirement could be articulated in aesthetics and gesturing towards a new appreciation account in line with this norm.