In this conference, we will bring together leading philosophers of art with leading scholars on deception within ethics and the philosophy of language with a view to the mutual enrichment of each discipline. Some examples of questions we will be exploring: Can a work of fiction lie to rather than mislead its audience? Are there any morally significant differences between making art objects with deceptive intentions and lying? Is deceiving morally preferable to lying? Why do we tend to revise our aesthetic judgements about art objects when we discover that they are forgeries? Is this practice legitimate? How should we account for authenticity in ontological terms?


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Monday, April 9

09.30–09.40  Welcome

10.45–11.00  Break

12.05–13.15  Lunch

14.20–14.35  Break

15.40–15.55  Break

17.00  Close

Tuesday, April 10

10.35–10.50  Break

11.55–13.05  Lunch

14.10–14.25  Break

15.30–15.45  Break

16.45  Close