Nya akademiska medarbetare våren 2018




  • Guy Dammann, vikarierande universitetslektor i Estetik (50%, 180101–181231)


  • Ekrem Çetinkaya (master från Bogazici University), Filosofi (Teoretisk filosofi, Filosofins historia)
  • Anna Folland (master från Göteborgs universitet), Filosofi (Praktisk filosofi)
Guy Dammann

Bild saknas på Ekrem

Anna Folland

Gäster (längre än en vecka)


  • Robert Bernasconi (9–20 april)
    Robert Bernasconi is Edwin Earle Sparks Professor of Philosophy at Penn State University. In addition to extensive work on Heidegger and Levinas, he has written on Kant, Hegel, Arendt, Gadamer, Sartre, Fanon, Derrida, and numerous others. In the early 1990s, Bernasconi began to develop an interest in the concepts of race and racism, particularly in relation to the history of philosophy, including African philosophy. He has edited and published extensively on these themes. Currently, he is working on a book that addresses the failure of most seventeenth and eighteenth century philosophers to engage with the evils of the slave trade. In Uppsala, he will give two public talks on race and philosophy and a seminar series on Levinas.
  • David Davies (12 maj–12 juni)
    David Davies is Professor of Philosophy at McGill University. He is the author of Art as Performance (Blackwell 2004), Aesthetics and Literature (Continuum 2007), and Philosophy of the Performing Arts (Wiley-Blackwell 2011), editor of The Thin Red Line (Routledge 2008), and co-editor of Blade Runner (Routledge 2015). He has published widely on philosophical issues relating to film, photography, performance, music, literature, and visual art, and on issues in metaphysics, philosophy of mind, and philosophy of language. He is currently completing a monograph defending a non-aestheticist account of the distinction between artworks and other artifacts.
  • Eileen John (19–23 februari)
    Eileen John is Reader in Philosophy at the University of Warwick and Co-Director of its Centre for Research in Philosophy, Literature and the Arts. Her research is primarily in aesthetics and philosophy of literature, with publications on literature and knowledge, beauty, fictional characters, artistic value, and love. She is interested in connecting literary works to contemporary philosophical problems, such as the epistemology of disagreement or the role of reasons in moral philosophy. She did her graduate work at Michigan with Kendall Walton and began her teaching career in the U.S. at the University of Louisville.
  • Christine Tappolet (23–27 april)
    Christine Tappolet is professeur du philosophie at l’Université de Montréal and is director of CRÉ (Centre de recherche en éthique) as well as the project leader for GRIN (Groupe de recherche interuniversitaire sur la normativité). She is the author of Emotions et valeurs (Presses Universitaires de France), Emotions, Values, and Agency (OUP), and the forthcoming Philosophy of Emotion: A Contemporary Introduction (Routledge). She has written numerous articles and book chapters on normativity, metaethics, moral psychology, normative ethics, alethic pluralism, and all aspects of the philosophy of the emotions. Her work as an editor extends both to books, such as Weakness of Will and Practical Irrationality (with Sarah Stroud) and special editions of journals such as Ateliers de l’Éthique, The Canadian Journal of Philosophy, and The European Review of Philosophy. She has also served as president of SoPhA (Société de philosophie analytique).


  • Julian Gonzales Escallon, Universidad del Rosario, Filosofi (Praktisk filosofi, Rättsfilosofi), mars t.o.m. december 2018
  • Tomi Hämäläinen, Helsingfors universitet, Filosofi (Praktisk filosofi, Rättsfilosofi), mars t.o.m. augusti 2018
  • Ding Maoyuan, Huahzong University, Wuhan, Estetik, HT17 och VT18
  • Julieta Rabanos, Università di Genova, Filosofi (Praktisk filosofi, Rättsfilosofi), april t.o.m. juli
  • Wenqi Zong, Beijing Normal University, Filosofi (Teoretisk filosofi), HT17 och VT18


  • Valentina Ercolani, Università di Brescia, Filosofi (Praktisk filosofi, Rättsfilosofi), VT 18


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