13:00-13:30   Opening Remarks
     Bo Wennström, Uppsala University
     Sebastián Reyes Molina, Uppsala University

13:30-14:45   Prospect and Problems for the Social Epistemology of Evidence Law
     Keynote Speaker: Brian Leiter, University of Chicago
     Discussant: Torben Spaak, University of Stockholm
     Chair: Sebastián Reyes M., Uppsala University

Coffee break: 14:45-15:00

15:00-16:15   Law and the Epistemology of Disagreement
     Keynote Speaker: Alex Stein, Brooklyn Law School
     Discussant: Ellika Sevelin, University of Lund
     Chair: Patricia Mindus, Uppsala University

Coffee break: 16:15-16:30

16:30-17:45   Determining the Base Rate for Guilt
     Keynote Speaker: Christian Dahlman, University of Lund
     Discussant: Jakob v. H. Holtermann, University of Copenhagen
     Chair: Cyril Holm, Uppsala University

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Organiser, Contact and Registration

Organised by the Department of Philosophy in cooperation with the Department of Law.

For contact and to register, please send an e-mail to Sebastian Reyes Molina.