Monday November 28

  • 9:30-10:40 Ofra Magidor (Oxford)
    “Can Epistemicists Resist the Argument from Vagueness?”
  • 10:50-12 David Kovacs (Bilkent)
    “Ontology, Shmontology, and What There Plainly Is”


  • 13:30-14:40 Meghan Sullivan (Notre Dame)
    “Utterly Boring Ontological Realism”
  • 14:50-16:00 Peter Fritz (Oslo)
    “Predication and Existence”
  • 16:10-17:20 Tom Donaldson (Stanford)
    “Rebuilding Metaphysical Analyticity”

Tuesday November 29

  • 9:30-10:40 Øystein Linnebo (Oslo) 
    “Are Our Notions of “Object” and “Existence” Multiply Ambiguous?”
  • 10:55-12:05 Vera Flocke (NYU)
    “The Evolution of Carnap’s Internal/External Distinction”


  • 14-15:10 Robert Schwartzkopff (Hamburg)
    “Nominalism Despite Nominalization?”
  • 15:20-16:30 Tobias Wilsch (Tübingen)
    “Existence in Time”

Confirmed speakers are:

  • Tom Donaldson (Stanford)
  • Vera Flocke (NYU)
  • Peter Fritz (Oslo)
  • David Kovacs (Bilkent)
  • Øystein Linnebo (Oslo)
  • Ofra Magidor (Oxford)
  • Robert Schwartzkopff (Hamburg)
  • Meghan Sullivan (Notre Dame)
  • Tobias Wilsch (Tübingen)

Call for Papers

Several additional speakers will be selected through an anonymous review of submissions. Submitted material should attempt to shed light on some aspect of existence in general, and should not exclusively discuss the existence of particular entities. Submissions should also relate to recent discussions in the literature on meta-ontology.

Further information about the research project "The Lightness of Being".

Please submit either a full paper suitable for a 45-minute presentation or a long, detailed abstract (at least 1500 words).

Please ensure that the paper or abstract is formatted and redacted for anonymous review. Papers and abstracts should be sent to

Bursaries are available for speakers in need of financial support to attend the conference. If you wish to apply for a bursary, please explain your request in the submission email.

Deadline for submissions is July 15, 2016. Decisions will be made by mid-August.