Conference - Values, Evaluation and the Idea of a University

May 26-28, 2014

(Conference Programme)
(Conference Background)

This conference will focus on the ideals against which the success of educational systems and institutions is measured in different evaluation regimes. It will provide a venue for diffusion of research produced at the interface of a variety of approaches and disciplines. Most work on education within the humanities is written primarily for academic audiences, while there is a fair amount of work on policy in the social sciences written for practictioners. Our aim is to integrate what we know from theory and practice into a common base of understanding of the functions of evaluation regimes in education. The international speakers who have agreed to hold  papers are among the worlds leading authorities on educational evaluation theory and practice:

Ronald Barnett (IoE, London)
Tina Besley (Waikato)
Bronwen Cowie (Waikato)
Steve Fuller (Warwick)
Thorsten Nybom (Örebro)
Michael Peters (Urbana-Champagne & Waikato)
Susanne Weber (Marburg)
Björn Wittrock (Swedish Collegium for Advanced Studies)
Susan Wright (Aarhus)

Leading figures in Higher Education Studies and/or relevant disciplines from Sweden have cordially accepted to acts as discussants and commentators:

Daniel Ankarloo (Malmö)
Eva Forsberg (Uppsala)
Thomas Karlsohn (Uppsala)
Elena Namli (Uppsala)
Klas Roth (Stockholm)
Åsa Kettis (Uppsala)
Christina Segerholm (MiUn)

The lectures are open to the public.

Contact: Sharon Rider, Elinor Hållén, Johan Boberg.

Hosted by the Department of Philosophy, KUSKO and Uppsala STS, funded by The National Bank of Sweden Centenary Fund.