Wokshop - Leibniz

The History of Philosophy Seminar announces a half-day workshop on Leibniz' philosophy with Paul Lodge (Oxford) and Peter Myrdal (Turku; Uppsala).

Abstract and Background

Paul Lodge is the author of several articles on Leibniz, and the editor of Leibniz and His Correspondents (Cambridge University Press 2004). He is currently editing a new series of Leibniz' philosophical publications in English for OUP. With him we will have Uppsala's own FD Peter Myrdal, visiting from Turku. 


The event takes place on Thursday, 17th of March, in room Eng2-1022.


  • 14.15-15.45  Paul Lodge (Oxford): "True and False Mysticism in Leibniz"
  • Coffee break
  • 16.00-17.30  Peter Myrdal (Uppsala; Turku): "Leibniz on Motion and Force"


The History of Philosophy Seminar, Pauliina Remes.

Last modified: 2023-01-31