Workshop - Morality and the Good Life

November 27-29, 2014
Uppsala University

Thursday, November 27 

(Venue: University Main Building, Room XI)

16.00 Opening

16.15-17.45 Lilli Alanen (Uppsala): 'Perfecting Nature: Descartes and Spinoza on the Human Good'

Friday, November 28

(Venue: University Main Building, Room IV)

09.30-11.00 Dominic O’Meara (Freiburg): ’On the Difference between Virtuous Action (as Morally Good) and Eudaimonia (as Good Activity) in Plotinus’

11.15-12.30 Miira Tuominen (Jyväskylä): ’Porphyry on Other-Regarding Justice and Happiness’

14.00-15.15: Tomas Ekenberg (Uppsala): ‘Happiness and the Will to Happiness in Augustine, Anselm, and Scotus’

15.45-17.00 Panel Discussion: ‘When Did Morality Get Separated from Happiness?’

Participants: Juhana Toivanen (Jyväskylä), Miira Tuominen (Jyväskylä), and Mikko Yrjönsuuri (Jyväskylä/SCASS).

Saturday, November 29

(Venue: University Main Building, Room XI)

09.30-10.45: Matthew Kisner (South Carolina): ’Hobbes on Human Nature and the Problem with Eudaimonism’

11-12.15 Valtteri Viljanen (Turku): ’Kant on Moral Agency’

14.00-15.15 Frans Svensson (Stockholm): ‘Virtue as the Skill of Life’

Attendance is open and no registration is needed.

The workshop is organized by the Department of Philosophy, Uppsala University, within the NOS-HS project On the Conceptual History of the Good.

For further information, please contact Peter Myrdal.

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