Register Your Thesis in DiVA

In General

DiVA, Academic Archive Online, is Uppsala University’s platform for digital publishing and registration of publications and research data produced by researchers, teachers and students.

As from spring 2018 all succesfully defended (C and M) theses should be registered in (and uploaded to) DiVA for archiving and, if wanted by the student, publishing. The students register their theses themselves in DiVA. The registration (and uploading) of the thesis is a precondition for receiving a final grade for the thesis.

Standardly the thesis is registered after the defence in order to make it possible for the student to make minor changes and corrections, if needed, before registration.

Theses registered in DiVA are automatically archived and by default published. Publishing the thesis means that the thesis is publicly available in DiVA. The student has the possibility not to publish the thesis. To avoid publishing, the option "Only for archiving" should be checked when registering the thesis. The archivation in DiVA is however mandatory.

Instructions and Help

  • NB, do not add personal ID details in the thesis
  • The thesis should be uploaded in PDF format
  • NB, don't forget to choose "Filosofiska institutionen" (or subdiscipline) in the field "Choose organisation"
  • The year of publication of the thesis is the year the thesis is sucessfully defended. Details about semester and academic year can be provided under the heading "Note".
  • Any rights issue regarding pictures in the thesis must have been settled before the thesis is published
  • The library's Quick reference guide for students
  • The library's help page for student theses

Last modified: 2021-09-16