Venue and Registration


Campus Blåsenhus. Find your way to Campus Blåsenhus (Google Maps)


The workshop is open to the public, and attendance is free of charge. But please register by November 30 by email (stating whether you would like to attend the conference dinner on December 4).


Monday, December 4

(Venue: Campus Blåsenhus, Room 12:230)

  • 9.45–11.00 Robbie Williams: "The theory of normativity and the theory of representation: induction and interpretation"
  • 11.15–12.30 Nicholas Laskowski: "Conceiving supervenience violations in ethics"

Lunch break

  • 2.15–3.30 Katharina Felka: "Slurs as asides"
  • 3.45–5.00 Jonas Olson: "Metaethics out of speech acts? Moral error theory and the possibility of speech"

Conference dinner

Tuesday, December 5

(Venue: Campus Blåsenhus, Room 12:128)

  • 9.45–11.00 Mark Schroeder: "A common subject for ethics"
  • 11.15–12.30 Alex Worsnip: "Incoherence and immorality"

Lunch break

  • 2.15–3.30 Gideon Rosen: "After supervenience"
  • 3.45–5.00 Carla Bagnoli: "Normative fragility"