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Welcome to the Department of Philosophy at Uppsala University


The Philosophy Department in Uppsala has played a prominent role in the history of Swedish philosophy and in Swedish society generally since the 17th century. Many of Sweden's most influential philosophers worked here, such as Christopher Jacob Boström, Axel Hägerström, Ingemar Hedenius, and Adolph Phalén: in the early 20th century it was the center of the so-called "Uppsala School" that had great influence e.g. in jurisprudence and that counted, besides Hägerström and Phalén, leading legal scholars such as Alf Ross, Vilhelm Lundstedt and Karl Olivecrona. In the second half of the 20th century the Department become very prominent in logic thanks to scholars such as Stig Kanger and Krister Segerberg.

Research at the Department continues to be highly qualitative: here internationally excellent research groups investigate various fields of philosophy. The most recent evaluation rated research at the Department of Philosophy as "world-leading, among the top 10% in the world within the same research field".

The department of philosophy in Uppsala is one of Sweden's leading philosophy departments. Based at the department is also a lively and successful aesthetics section. This allows us to provide students with stimulating education through a wide range of courses, programs and seminars. We have collaborations across many disciplines in humanities and social sciences as well as technology and natural sciences: This places the Philosophy Department in a unique position, located right in the middle of Humanistiskt centrum, Engelska parken.

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Would you like to come in contact with the Philosophical Department? You can find phone-numbers and adresses here.


Questions about courses and registration? Contact the director of studies Rysiek Sliwinski here.

Aktuellt på institutionen/News at the Department



Seminarier och gästföreläsningar/
Seminars and Guest Lectures

Friday 11th of April

Higher Seminar in Practical Philosophy
(11-13; Eng2-1022)
Victor Moberger
(Uppsala): TBA

Friday 11th of April

Higher Seminar in the Philosophy of Language and Culture
(13:15-15; Eng2-1022)
Gisela Bengtsson, Philosophy, Bergen: "Frege on the relationship between philosophy and poetry"

Friday 25th of April

Higher Seminar in Practical Philosophy
(11-13; Eng2-1022)
Magnus Jedenheim-Edling (Uppsala): TBA

Friday 25th of April

Higher Seminar in the Philosophy of Language and Culture
(13:15-15; Eng2-1022)
Simon Glendinning, European Institute, London: “Wittgenstein and Heidegger and the Face of Life in Our Time”


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